Substance Abuse Treatment

Everyone develops habits whether they are good or bad. However, the bad habits seem to be the ones that are hardest to quit. Side by Side Counseling can help you stop these unhealthy urges that are putting a toll on your well-being.

Addiction therapy and substance abuse treatment is designed to help people cope with their addiction and become healthy and productive members of society. Our therapist can help you quit your addiction and promote a better lifestyle. Enjoy a much happier and healthier day to day life.

Our counselor enables our clients to take control and eliminate alcohol or drugs from their lives permanently. They stop a very destructive form of behavior and are able to lead a healthy and normal life. Gain habit control for your nail biting, hair pulling, teeth grinding etc.

We also have post traumatic stress disorder treatment. If you are in need of depression therapy, we can assist you. We have family therapy and an expert marriage counselor. For more information on our programs contact Side by Side Counseling today!


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